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Next Episode is Season 3 Episode 2 and airs on October 17, 2018

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The first episode of the Drama, Mystery series Riverdale (season 1, 2, 3) was released in by The CW. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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The main characters of the crime drama series “Riverdale” season 3, have already forgotten, when personally faced with the murder of one of the inhabitants of the town. But the fact remains. The other day, fourth of July, lost the star of the school football team and heir of a famous oligarchs Blossoms, the oldest and richest family in town. According to a discouraged sister, Cherryl, he and his brother went on a river cruise and Jason decided nobly to help the girl when she dropped a glove in the dark surface of the river. The guy ducked behind accessory and more Sherrill have not seen him…
What originally was made for an accident that more is not, after all, a week later found the mutilated body with a bullet in his forehead. The shadow falls on many residents of the town, because begin to unfold they are not the most innocent secrets. For example, cherryl lied during the interrogation, because it turned out that there was no gloves, and the guys came up with a plan like Jason to escape from his own family and begin a life with white sheet away from creating mayhem daddy. Brother was supposed to signal once to get a new place, but Sherrill has not received news of him. Also it became known that one of the most righteous and the falling of hope high school Archibald Andrews, has a scandalous relationship with a private music teacher. In the morning when the murder occurred, a couple was given a love about Sweet water and heard the shot, which could mean killing, but to be fair, miss Geraldine can be arrested. Archie was plagued by remorse…Also in the city, new people the family of Lodges. Once upon a time Hermione left Riverdale and went to live in New York, but after her husband’s arrest he returned to his native land and brought with them a girl in high school daughter. A couple of pretty ambiguously fit into society, because of the Hyrum go all sorts of rumors. There are suspicions that he may be involved in the murder of a teenager, because even from prison, the scammer continues to pull the strings of many people. Within the family the Coopers also suffer. His parents put the eldest daughter Polly to a psychiatric clinic away from the shame. The fact that she got pregnant by Jason, and they wanted to run away together, because they are fiercely feuding families would not allow the children to create a family. Hal Cooper is hiding something, as sneaking into the Sheriff’s office and destroys all the evidence in the investigation.High school “Riverdale” are combined to find out the truth. Especially true care restless Gadhada Jones, whose parents left teenagers to fend for themselves. Mother drove off to another state for a new man, and dad runs a gang and is not interested in Affairs of the son. The poor guy picks up the family of Hugh, the guy with the head is dipped in the incident of crime. His father, the Serpent, is clearly involved and knows something, though the man swears he didn’t kill Jason. However, he somehow got a jacket guy, and he also singeing machine with the evidence on which Betty and Jason had drove off in a happy future together. Jagga is not willing to face the facts and strongly defends the father, the more he is finally beginning his interest, unaware that it entails more investigation son, and not himself…However, in the town of seething love volcanoes. Miss Geraldine expelled from Riverdale, and Archie switched to a representative of the local popular pop group “Pussycat” Valerie. He is in love with best friend Betty, but the guy can’t return the feeling. Andrews is torn between the sport, helping his father in construction, music, investigation, and also numerous of the ladies who surround him. New Veronica also not averse to stir up with ginger handsome, but the couple is experiencing feelings of Betty, who is close to both. Thanks to the support of Sherrill, Valerie throws Archie and he increasingly falls under the spell of a sexy and confident Veronica. Betty is moving closer to Hump and says that finally found the love of his e.To get to the truth, the pregnant Polly is sent to live in a sinister thorn hill. The Clifford for some reason, is the engagement ring that was with Jason on the last day of life. It turns out that the father killed his son for disobedience, but also concealed the drug business under the guise of syrup. Clifford hung up. Polly and Jason are relatives, committed incest. Cherryl singeing thorn hill. Snake is sent to jail, but Fred is killed in front of Archie. This is clearly not looks like an ordinary robbery of the eatery and a random victim. Someone ordered the man, and then to Riverdale, the coming of the next change…

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