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The first episode of the Drama, Crime series Shades of Blue (season 1, 2, 3) was released in 2018-06-17 by NBC. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta, Drea de Matteo, Warren Kole, Gino Anthony Pesi, Sarah Jeffery. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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“Shades of Blue” season 3 – American police series with Jennifer Lopez in the title role of “Shades of blue”. The main character of the series Harley Santos has a complicated fate. A girl from a troubled area in his youth, she falls in love with the bad boy bandit Miguel, who is getting married Miguel treats her very cruelly and beats her up even during pregnancy. Helped her in her misfortune, the head of one of the police stations Matt Wozniak. First, Matt takes Harley to his team, and secondly it helps Harley to substitute Miguel, and he goes for a long time in prison for drug trafficking. And now Harley is a single mother and a very professional COP in the team is Matt Wozniak. However, for everything in this life you have to pay. Harley has to join the team of corrupt cops in the precinct Matt. His plot is one of the most advanced indicators, however, this is achieved by the fact that the police themselves protect the entire crime in the district, and for that receive a decent money. Not to say that Harley is too worried, because she needs to raise a daughter Christina and a COP’s salary is not enough even for the most modest education for her daughter. And all would be well, if Harley didn’t rise to the bait, members of the Federal Bureau of investigation, who blackmail and intimidation forced her to become a mole in his own team. The heroine of “shades of blue” finds himself between two fires, and in addition begin to torment and pangs of conscience, because, Matt, realizing that his team was a mole, at first suspects a Harley, but then circumstances are such that the suspicion falls on another COP on their team is young and inexperienced Jewish guy. And eventually Matt brings with him, killing the guy. In addition, the whole team Wozniak gets into trouble for the robbery of the cash van, the other Federal service. Then faced the three interest groups the team Who commands those who ordered the robbery, and the FBI, which should work Harley. At some point it seems that Harley is cornered, and now she is no salvation. However, its analytical, and a very sharp mind helps to cope with all the difficulties she personally husband Miguel, who through the efforts of the FBI is released from prison, encircles around your finger and Who and the FBI agent who recruited her and disappears with the money. The main characters in “shades of blue”: Harley Santos, the corrupt officer of the 64th precinct of the NYPD. Recruited by the FBI. Has a daughter Christina, 17 years. Matt Wozniak the Lieutenant of police, headed by a corrupt 64th precinct. A former marine with 25 years of seniority. Close friend and defender of the Harley. To her daughter Christine is like a father. Married to Linda. Their daughter, aged 19 years committed suicide. Bisexual, but carefully hides it. Tess Nazario a detective from the 64th precinct. Team member Wozniak. Carlos Espada a detective from the 64th precinct. Team member Wozniak. In love with Tess. Marcus Tufo detective from the 64th precinct. Team member Wozniak. Michael Loman young, just arrived in the 64th precinct detective. The only one who is not privy to the team of Who. Accidentally shooting a young boy, who was suspected of drug trafficking, suffers from remorse. Harley obliged, because she covered for him in that situation. Robert Stoul —FBI agent working in the anti-corruption group that recruited Harley. In love with Harley. James Nava works as an assistant district attorney. Lover Harley. Cristina Santos, daughter of officer Harley Santos. 17. Very capable for music.

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Good Police

air date: 2018-06-17

The Season 3 premiere: Harlee and Wozniak, still dealing with the fallout from their near-death experiences, discover a grisly crime scene riddled with mystery.

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