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In the series Adam Ruins Everything season 1 the main character Adam, tells the truth about a variety of myths. According to men, man-made dog breeds are not real, for example, this refers to York and Spitz. Adam will tell the audience where the habit of exchanging engagement rings has gone. By the way, until recently you could buy a ring for one salary, but in the future the companies decided to increase the cost of jewelry, believing that its price should be higher. And what remained to do for men, because without a ring it was impossible to get married. Adam arrives in full confidence that, by and large, the cost of diamonds is incredibly overstated, the reason for this is that monopolists in diamond mining independently control this market. In addition, Adam will tell the audience the truth about the stereotypes that many of us believe and, of course, the sexual relations between people. Together with this series every spectator will be able to learn a lot of new and interesting things for himself, to break existing stereotypes and reveal secrets.

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