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Action, Comedy, Drama TV Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 1-4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 2002-09-24 by The WB Television Network Channel. Serial was created by Joss Whedon, Nick Marck, directed by David Solomon, Douglas Petrie. Cast include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emma Caulfield, Eliza Dushku, Nicholas Brendon, Anthony Stewart Head, Alyson Hannigan, Clare Kramer, D.B. Woodside. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.2/ 10.

Series info

The last as well as 7th season of the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on September 24, 2002 on UPN as well as ended its 22- episode season as well as its tv work on Might 20,2003 It preserved its previous timeslot, broadcasting Tuesdays at 8: 00 pm ET.

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Episode Guide



air day: 2002-09-24

The re-opening of Sunnydale Secondary school is not easily for Buffy as some undead pupils as well as professors are elevated, as well as blame the Slayer for cannot safeguard them. Dawn as well as Buffy, along with several of Dawn’s brand-new pals collaborate to beat the wickedness

On the other hand, Spike as well as his brand-new spirit are looking for relief in the maze-like cellar of the brand-new institution, as well as Willow starts her redemption with Giles in England.


Underneath You

air day: 2002-10-01

Not long after Buffy’s initial day as Sunnydale High Support Therapist, the gang fulfills a girl, Nancy, that’s canine was consumed by a huge animal living in the sewage system. Spike uses his help in locating the beast, however the gang as well as Buffy are still a little worried with him being about. The gang quickly find the create behind the beast is an old, separated good friend; that is enjoying in her recover. On the other hand, Willow has actually blended feelings as she prepares to leave England as well as go back to Sunnydale.


Exact same Time, Exact same Location

air day: 2002-10-08

Buffy, Xander as well as Dawn are not able to discover Willow that, soon after going back to Sunnydale, is caught by a satanic force that appreciates consuming the skin of his sufferers. On the other hand, Anya pays the rate for downfall the curse on Ronnie (thelarge worm devil) as well as is limited to just having the ability to teleport for revenge works.



air day: 2002-10-15

Buffyis working out into her therapist’s duty at the secondary school assisting distressed teenagers as well as arranging out troubles, however is left amazed when Cassie, a trainee, involves her as well as steadly informs her that she (Cassie) has just a week to live. Believing the lady is self-destructive, Buffy of pupils having fun with dark pressures as well as involves think Cassie is psychic.



air day: 2002-10-22

Anya gives a girl’s desire, however the fatal as well as fierce act of revenge leaves Anya entirely guilt-ridden. In order to repair her error, she asks that the spell be reversed. Recognizing the rate of the turnaround is the life of a Revenge Satanic force, she wants to earn the sacrifice.



air day: 2002-11-05

Dawn’s easy crush on Sunnydale High’s celebrity quarterback RJ Brooks, goes much adequate to earn Buffy attempt as well as guide her focus in other places, particularly when she succumbs to the young boy herself. With the ladies all seriously attempting to win RJ’s loves, Spike as well as Xander, currently quasi-roommates, collaborate to find why the teenager appears to have the capability to earn all ladies enamored with him.


Discussions with Dead Individuals

air day: 2002-11-12

5 seperate tales in this episode has the gang coming across a paranormal pressure which spells future ruin. While out on patrol, Buffy conflict a previous schoolmate as well as existing vampire, that prods her right into exposing her instabilities. Back in your home, Dawn is tossed right into a panic when an unnoticeable pressure trashes the Summer seasons’ home as well as down payments the remains of her mommy on the couch. The ghost of Cassie gos to Willow under the semblance of being sent out by Tara; as well as Spike obviously has actually gone back to his eliminating means. On the other hand, unpopular bad guys Jonathan as well as Andrew return from Mexico.



air day: 2002-11-19

After finding that an old good friend might have been lately sired by Spike, Buffy notifies the gang that they have to maintain a close eye on him. {When Spike handles to head out, he obtains placed in a strange hypnotic trance then attracts as well as eliminates a woman with the bad changing entity supervising him.|He obtains placed in a strange hypnotic trance as well as after that attracts as well as eliminates a woman with the bad changing entity seeing over him when Spike handles to go out.} In England, Giles locates a fellow viewer close to fatality. While he is discovering just what took place, a guy without any eyes comes close to Giles from behind, as well as swings an axe at his head …


Never ever Leave Me

air day: 2002-11-26

Spike is cooped in the Summer seasons house while the Scoobies contemplate their alternatives in the results of his murder spree. Willow locates Andrew acquiring blood as well as chooses to take him detainee likewise. After much wondering about, the gang are disturbed by strange hooded numbers called Bringers. They take Spike to Sunnydale High, where they utilize his blood to increase an old, strange vampire.


Cause the Evening

air day: 2002-12-17

With Spike missing out on, the gang aim to deal as well as clear the damages done to the Summertime’s house. Giles gets here with 3 prospective killers as well as he discloses that the ‘Initial Wickedness’ is exterminating the line of killers in an effort to free the globe of great, leaving The Hellmouth complimentary to open up. He informs Buffy that there are extra prospective killers on their means to Sunnydale. Buffy as well as Giles search the christmas tree whole lot where they last found the Bringers, Buffy holes up as well as is tested by an extremely solid vampire that is the good news is frightened by the dawn. Giles validates that he was a Turok-Han, a vampire which vampires worry. After among the various other killers obtains eliminated attempting to run away, Buffy finds the Turok-Han again, it defeats Buffy within an inch of her life as well as continues to be unscathed. Later at the Summertime’s house, Buffy proclaims that she isn’t really decreasing without a battle, as well as neither is any person else.



air day: 2003-01-07

A lot more prospective Killers come to the home as well as among them, Eve, produces stress as she honestly articulates their worry that Buffy alone could not conserve them. Buffy as well as Xander find the body of the genuine Eve as well as thrill the home of face The First, as well as she advises them that the Turok-Han will certainly be coming for them as well as goes away. Willow produces an obstacle to maintain it out, however it isn’t really solid sufficient. Buffy runs one means as lure, while the remainder of the gang companions the prospective killers to Xander’s building and construction website to conceal. The Turok-Han comes to the website, however Buffy arrives in the nick of time. She beats Turok-Han as well as increases the possibilities self-confidence, however Spike is still missing out on.

After sustaining uncomfortable torment as well as being fooled by indications, Spike is welcomed by a braveBuffy They return as well as run away to her home. Giles as well as Anya see an Oracle as well as find that when Buffy was reanimated, she developed a susceptability in the Slayer chain that The First is currently making use of.



air day: 2003-01-21

Buffyas well as Spike start to educate the prospective Killers, while Willow carries out a locator spell as well as finds one more possibility at Sunnydale High. In the beginning, it appears as though Dawn has actually been picked, however she quickly finds that her good friend Amanda is the one. Dawn aids Amanda eradicate a vampire entraped in the institution then returns to being a ‘typical’ individual. Xander provides her a motivating speech, which aids her handle her missed out on possibility.


The Awesome in Me

air day: 2003-02-04

After sharing a sticking around kiss with potential Slayer Kennedy, Willow bafflingly changes right into Warren as well as should face the loss of Tara. When Spike’s chip starts to breakdown, he as well as Buffy travel to the Effort stomping premises, where they meet a couple of staying soldiers that provide her an option of how you can handle the trouble. When Giles takes the Possibilities on a self exploration hideaway, the remainder of the gang are surprised when they find hints that lead them to think Giles might be The Initial Wickedness.


First Day

air day: 2003-02-11

Buffytakes place a supper day with Principal Timber to attempt as well as discover out just what is truly happening with him. After they are struck as well as he displays some combating ability in cleaning a couple of vamps, he describes that he is the boy of a Slayer that was eliminated in New york city. Xander, also, locates a day when he thrills a woman with his rope expertise, nonetheless her rate of interest in him is a lot more demonic. On the other hand the Initial get in touches with Andrew in one more attepmt to damage the possibilities as well as Giles locates himself tounge-tied with the brand-new possibility, Chao-Ahn.


Obtain It Done

air day: 2003-02-18

Principal Timber provides Buffy a bag of things that utilized to come from his mommy, the slayer eliminated on the metro by Spike. The bag includes several numerous things consisting of tools, a publication, as well as an unusual covered box. After opening up the box, Buffy as well as gang view a creature reveal that opens up a portal sending out Buffy to an unusual land as well as leaving in her wake a satanic force. Buffy fulfills 3 guys that use her even more power, however it does not come easily. It depends on Willow to obtain the portal open as well as Spike to obtain the devil back.



air day: 2003-02-25

Andrew produces “Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyres,” a docudrama defining the existing circumstance in Sunnydale to reveal to future generations. Numerous feelings are caught throughout its shooting, from Willow as well as Kennedy’s construct out fest to the acknowledgment of just what would certainly be Xander as well as Anya’s 1 year wedding anniversary. the Hellmouth, or even more properly, the Seal of Danzalthar, is triggered triggering break outs of physical violence as well as magical incidents at the high institution. The gang pressures Andrew to expose his very own past as well as pertain to terms with it to assist quit the insanity.


Exists My Moms and dads Informed Me

air day: 2003-03-25

Giles returns with a tool that will certainly shut off Spike’s trigger. It takes him right into his past as well as programs the close connection with his mommy, that utilized to sing ‘Very early One Early morning’ to him. After he was sired by Drusilla he aimed to conserve his passing away mommy by vamping her, however she switched on him as well as he needed to lay her, leaving a psychological injury that has actually never ever handled to recover. When Buffy still chooses not to think Spike is a risk to them all, Robin asks Giles to assist him obtain his retribution on Spike, leaving Buffy betrayed by the individual she depends on the most.


Dirty Ladies

air day: 2003-04-15

As they own right into community, Willow as well as Belief discover themselves behind a vehicle. A girl is thrown away with a deep injury as well as the vehicle repels. The lady is unconcious so they take her to the healthcare facility as well as record toBuffy Belief’s arrival brings a great deal of stress to Buffy’s home. All the possibilities ask concerns, however Belief is just curious about chatting withBuffy They clear the air then obtain a telephone call from the healthcare facility. The lady is called Shannon, she informs Buffy regarding a young preacher that conserved her from bringers. He after that called her unclean, branded her with his ring as well as stabbed her. Willow takes an image of the mark from the ring. Shannon states the guy’s message; that he has something that comes from Buffy.

The gang find that ‘Caleb’ is residence at a neighboring winery with his bringers. They laid out (versus Giles’ suggestions) to face him, however after arrival Buffy obtains knocked senseless in one strike. Caleb breaks Rona’s arm, prior to eliminating Molly as well as a couple of Possibilities, after that he comes close to Belief knocking her out too. Incapable to beat this terminator like opponent, the gang hideaways.

In the results of the battle Buffy wanders past her damaged pals, recognizing that they endured an excellent loss.


Vacant Places

air day: 2003-04-29

Adhering to Caleb’s assault, Xander is currently blind in one eye. Buffy takes all the shame as well as once more runs into Caleb at the deserted institution. Belief presses her fun-loving nature on the possibilities as well as takes them all to the Bronze, which results in a debate in between Belief as well as Buffy, finishing effective the possibilities to select in between their 2 leaders, however due to Buffy’s current choices as well as habits, they all side with Belief.



air day: 2003-05-06

After being tossed out of her home, Buffy strolls alone as well as burglarizes one more home to obtain some rest. Spike as well as Andrew return with information regarding the winery, however when Spike discovers just what occurred he strikes Belief as well as leaves, attempting to grab Buffy’s fragrance. The First pays Belief a check out in the kind of the Mayor, however she isn’t really tricked. It aims to unbalance her by claiming that Buffy still, as well as will certainly constantly think about her only as an awesome. Robin locates Belief as well as the 2 share a minute, which results in them making love. They chat regarding her being denied when Spike locates Buffy. She claims that everytime she decides, somebody passes away which perhaps Belief is best accountable. She informs him to leave, however he rejects, informing her just what he understands about the winery which he likes her. She informs him she simply intends to be held, so they go to sleep in each various other’s arms. The following early morning Buffy pays Caleb a check out, gotten ready for just what he tosses at her. He aims to strike her over and over again, however is not able to considering that Buffy utilizes her remarkable rate versus him.


End of Days

air day: 2003-05-13

Buffylocates the tool The First is avoiding her: a scythe installed in rock. Buffy quickly draws it complimentary much to Caleb’s discouragement as well as The Initial informs Caleb to allow her go. Belief as well as the possibilities obtain captured in the surge, leaving several dead as well as Belief subconscious. They are struck by a couple of Ubervamps, however Buffy gets here as well as quickly slaughters them all with the scythe, enabling every person to run away. After offering Buffy his word, Xander leaves Sunnydale with Dawn versus her will. Buffy as well as Spike are really feeling unpleasant pertaining to the current occasions, so she lays out for info on the scythe. She locates a burial place where she encounters an old lady. She informs Buffy exactly how the scythe was developed to damage the last pure devil, however it was made in key as well as concealed from the darkness guys. Caleb breaks as well as gets here the lady’s neck. He as well as Buffy battle control over the scythe till he obtains the advantage. As he will strike, Angel knocks him down, then stands back so Buffy could end up the battle. The battle-lines are attracted as well as the gang invests the evening getting ready for the last fight. A fight that some might not endure. Equipped with an amulet they understand absolutely nothing around, a scythe which holds the vital to the Slayer line, as well as magicks which they might not have the ability to regulate, they prepare to encounter the set up militaries of the Initial Wickedness.

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