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After the death of his wife, Andy Brown (Treat Williams’ Once Upon a Time in America “), a prestigious neurosurgeon, leaving New York and settled in the small town of Everwood, Colorado. He is accompanied by his two sons: Delia (Vivien Cardone, ‘A Beautiful Mind’), the young daughter and some tomboy, and Ephram (Gregory Smith, ‘Rookie Blue’), a prodigious teenager with piano and many problems with girls. There they meet the Abbot: Harold (Tom Amandes, ‘Kiss Goodnight’), the other village doctor; his wife Rose (Merrilyn Gann, ‘2012’), the mayor, and his sons Bright (Chris Pratt, ‘Parks and Recreation’) and Amy (Emily VanCamp, ‘Brothers & Sisters’). Ephram will be attracted by the daughter of the Abbot but his dream will conquer smithereens when he discovers his secret.