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Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Series Killjoys (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was released in 2018-07-20 by Syfy Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke MacFarlane. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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Not all is as it seems at first glance. In “Killjoys” season 4 develops the story of Elena Jardín she Killjoy Dutch, the more it becomes clear that her appearance is no accident associated with the colonization of the Quad an aggressive form of life, nanoparticle called being able. Many years ago, the Nine rulers signed an agreement with representatives of halinow that delayed the escalation of their home planets for ten generations. But time moves quickly, time passed and being able began his secret introduction in existing people, the gradual conquest of a change in the conditions of life and orders the construction of laboratories and experiments for children all this became the platform for the occupation of new territory. The division of the bounty hunters killjoys designed to fight crime in the distant interplanetary system, their responsibilities include the capture and justice of the most dangerous criminals of the galaxy. Three killjoys spaceship with artificial intelligence “Lucy” has its own honor code and rule do not take either side. The captain of the ship cute brunette Dutch and two brothers John and Devin Jacobi has created a very unique team, a kindred spirit and became an example of selflessness for others. They stood at the beginning of the struggle for freedom and led the resistance against helenow. A lot of inconsistencies frightened and puzzled the Dutch, the girl didn’t remember their roots, memories of scenes from his childhood were sketchy late from her educator Kleyn she found out about his cruel daughter of O’neill, but the Dutch couldn’t find an explanation why they are so similar. Mutual dislike and hatred only fueled heightened feelings of hatred, desire to destroy the enemy multiplied by the day under the influence of external forces, and the lack of accurate information distorted reality. Both girls Dutch and O’neill saw in each other only the enemy. The beginning of large-scale military operation under the leadership of Devin Jacobi against the Armada helenow gave the Dutch the opportunity to get on a space ship O Neela where she was not mistress of the situation, but rather amusing in experimental animals for halinow studying it influence their symbiosis. Dutch thinks that by destroying the O’neill she’d killed herself because they are interrelated, since O’neill created it from the plasma and called the name of his mother, but after a serious brawl, the Dutch were able to enter the O’neill substance, preserving the memory of her. Came an Epiphany. Both girls began to engage in dialogue and learned many details of his life and that they have a common enemy Lady living in green plasma. It concealed the Dutch because of its appearance of green would be the opening they are looking for being able. The heroine of the series “Killjoys” together. John, Devin and Delsea burst into the hall with a pool plasma and see how the Dutch and O’neill together, immersed in green liquid. When he awoke the girls see themselves on the shore of the sea of plasma is the space between all the memories, the place where she was born Elena Jardín and then she became Dutch. Here they must find the Lady, but coming up Kleyn says that she will find them. From the hands of the Dutch, drat he takes the laptop apart and it gets two daggers. Father once made them for my girls. Now three of them ready to fight for the existence of the Lady. In the vast space of the drifts Elevator with three stranded passengers, they are not many, because the supply of oxygen will not last long, the hope of salvation is slim. John, Devin and Delsea are optimistic for a favorable end of that journey. This is only the beginning of a new battle for life.

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The side from Season 3 left our Killjoys spread to the much edges from The J universe as well as past. Dutch gones on a trip to encounter her most significant adversary but, while D’av as well as John are actually caught in an escalator in deep-seated room along with an expecting DelleSeyah They are actually joined by know-how from the title from their correct opponent: The Lady, an unfathomable indication from misery without starting or even end. The Lady is actually creating her play, as well as our triad possesses one thing she desires.

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