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The project, created by Don Handfield (producer Kill the messenger) and Richard Rayner (author of the novel Sunny in Los Angeles), tells the story of the mysterious and true facts carried out by the Knights Templar, the Knights elite of the Crusades . The series explores in depth the great secrets of the Templars protected and tells a story of faith, loyalty and brotherhood, which revolves around the dark events that led to the persecution and death at the stake of the Knights Templar on Friday 13 1307, an infamous date has been marked in the popular imagination for more than 700 years as synonymous with bad suerte.Knightfall is a series produced by actor Jeremy Renner (Avengers: the age of Ultron), developed by a + E Studios for History Channel. This fiction has a first season of 10 episodes in which Renner will also participate as an actor. Knightfall is a series of original content from A & E and the History Channel which adds to production as Vikings or the Bible.