Lost in Space (season 1) full Episodes 720p

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The starting point is the planet Earth. Due to advances in technology, the land is in a serious situation of overpopulation. The solution is easy: find another place to settle. That way, the problem would disappear. This is how several people are chosen to travel to space to colonize other planets, and among them is the Robinson family.

After flying off with his ship, it suffers an accident that leaves the family lost in the middle of nowhere, millions of light years from any place where there is an iota of life. After overcoming the first moment of panic, they come to the conclusion that they must learn to survive while looking for a way to go home.

Inspired by the series with the homonymous title of 1963, the new Netflix adaptation features Zack Estrin as ‘showrunner’, and is written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Another member of the technical team is Neil Marshall who is the producer and director of some chapters.