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The Office ‘follows the day to day in the life of eccentric workers at the company Dunder Mifflin, fresh and fun, and appearance of pseudo-documentary. Adaptation by Daniela Grez ( ‘The Simpsons’) of the British series by the same name,’ The Office ‘parody American culture through the experiences of its serious protagonistas.El but despistadísimo director Michael Scott (Steve Carell,’ Madonna to 40 ‘) is considered a great boss and mentor, but really inspires more criticism and laughter to your employees that respect. Ryan Howard (BJ Novak, ‘The Dictator’, ‘The Mindy Project’) is a newcomer fellow and through whose eyes we meet the various workers Dunder Mifflin.Entre these employees is Pam Beesley (Jenna Fischer, ‘FreeCell ‘), a saleswoman who, although has been working at Dunder Mifflin years, considers temporary while achieving a living as an artist. Also Jim Halpert (John Krasinski, ‘An extraordinary adventure’, ‘The Muppets’), one of the best sellers despite their qualms career in the office. The relationship between Jim and Pam is very close, and that causes there rumors among his coworkers, especially since Pam is committed for three years with Roy Anderson, a warehouse worker. A commitment, on the other hand, brings down the street from bitterness to be eternal and apparently intended for anything but a wedding.