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Located 300 years in the future, this science fiction comedy-drama follows the adventures of members from Orville, a scout ship of interstellar fleet of Earth. Although it seems a great ship, is actually the worst of the fleet. And his crew can not be more in keeping with this ship. Ed Mercer is responsible for directing a crew, representing a leap in his career, but everything is truncated when he discovers that his ex-wife is part of the crew. Within this ship we find one of the most important doctors of the galaxy. In it, humans and aliens all kinds of cosmic challenges both inside and outside the Orville and have to deal with all sorts of intergalactic threats will face. Peter Macon (Friendship!) And J Lee (Family Guy) are two of the key members of the ship. Both join the cast formed by Adrianne Palicki (John Wick), Scott Grimes (American Dad!) And Seth MacFarlane who is also the creator and executive producer of this fiction for FOX.